Old Version of Content Is Deleted but the Sized has Remained Same.

Hi everyone, thought I'd reach out and see if someone can help me. I've built a course in storyline 360.I've been working on a project with a number of images, content and video files. As expected, the file size for the storyline module file is quite big (200+MB). But what I'm finding odd is that if I delete some slides, video's, images and "Save As" to a new .story file, the file size doesn't get any reduced. Does anyone have an idea why the .story file is not reducing in size?


Note: I am using the Trail version for creating the project, doesn't know if this information make sense.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Apoorv,

Thanks for letting us know about what you're experiencing!. I tested this with a large Storyline file that contains quite a few video and audio files, and after removing many of the slides containing video and audio, and then doing a Save As, the file size reduced from 435MB to 342MB. 

Using the trial version should not cause this issue, so I'd recommend handing your file to our Support Engineers so they can have a closer look. You can send it to them directly right here. They'll test it and then contact you via email to let you know what they find.