Older Storyline files opening in 360 without any audio

Sep 06, 2022

Hi. I need to update a company logo on many courses. Some courses were created in Storyline 2 or 3, but am currently using 360. When I open the .story file in 360 only some of the slides have audio. (The published file has audio on every slide.) How can I open an older .story file to make edits, without losing the audio?

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Joe Hauglie

Keith - if you can do so, try opening them in SL3 and then exporting the audio as a standalone file. You'll need to do the export for each slide separately (pain) but it will preserve the component.

A second thought is to try importing the files to a new SL360 project, not just open them and then have the program do an auto-update.

I'm not sure why the older files would drop the audio unless there's an issue with the format of those files (they were flash, perhaps, instead of MP3s).

Good luck -