On Android Phone The screen reader is reading the content two times

On Android device, the screen reader (VoiceOver) is reading content two times.

This cannot be controlled as it is part of the published files framework/template.

Can you please look into this issue and help us fixing the same.

Our storyline version is: v3.47.23871.0

Tested On: Android 8.0.0 and Android 10


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Prajakta!

Thank you for sharing the video with us! It looks like even the Focus Rectangle format changes when the text is read a second time. Do you have states on the text?

I'm not able to recreate the issue on my end. Do you have a file that we could test on our end? If so, you can either attach it to this public forum or share it with us privately using this secure upload link.

Lastly, VoiceOver is an iOS screen reader. TalkBack is the Android screen reader. I haven't heard of a way to use VoiceOver on an Android. Are you using an app on the device or the default screen reader?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Prajakta!

Thank you for sharing your .story file!

I've tested your file on both an iPhone using VoiceOver and an Andriod using TalkBack. I'm noticing the same as you when using an Andriod. The text is repeated and the focus shrinks when the text is read twice. 

Have you noticed this with other websites or is it just this .story file where the text is read twice?

I appreciate you troubleshooting this issue with us!