On Build 8, still can't optimize high-res images for zoom - still blurry on Zoom

May 26, 2016

Hi folks.

A text box, black on a white rectangle was built as a Text Box within SL2

The image is a high-res png.

On preview, the zoom looks good.

On Publish, with all settings for Optimal browser and Image Q maxed out, the moment the scene zooms, it's really unreadable. All detail is lost.

There has to be a fix, nothing kludgy like fade in a better image instead of zooming, 

BTW Flash is not an option. Client wants this mobile.









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Doug Marlowe

Hi Ashley, yes, that was done.

Can you tell me why if I drop an image that is 500 x 500 on a slide in SL2 and then publish to optimum settings, locking the browser as you suggest, that the png files in the mobile folder are smaller in dimensions than the original? It is no wonder that images are blurry since when they are displayed on the stage in a player, these small images are enlarged and thus jaggy and low quality.

I think this is a vestige of when our mobile speeds were 3G. Now that we have 4G and WiFi everywhere, I’d like to retain the original image dimensions and resolution.

There should easily be a switch in the code that lets a user retain original image characteristics for mobile output.

Even if there isn’t, mobile should not necessarily mean phone. A lot of us develop for tablets.

This image size compression may be a result of SL2 not being able to output responsive pages. As a responsive page would autosize the images to fit the screen.

Either way, improving the quality of the mobile content would put Articulate ahead of the pack.

Let’s get this fixed, Ashley. It’s been around for three years from what I read in the forums.

And yes, I really miss Flash, but the reality is that Apple and clients make that an unusable solution.

All the best,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug,

First I wanted to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here, so you're welcome to edit the post and remove that information if needed. 

As far as the image size, I haven't looked specifically within the mobile folder to compare dimensions of an image, but since the HTML5 output is supported for more than just mobile deployment (such as Chrome on a PC or Safari and Chrome on a Mac) I know the blurriness I mentioned is not limited to mobile but based on the HTML5 output and the way in which images aren't vectored. I have heard of users modifying the publish output to replace the images with the original so that there isn't any loss of quality  based on our compression. 

As for the why, I'm not a coder or programmer so wouldn't begin to weigh in on how easy something might be - but if you wanted to see a change in this behavior you could also send along a feature request here. 

I know there has been a lot of discussion recently in our community forums and the tech world at larger about the shift away from Flash. I know it's something we're aware of and wanted to let you know that we have a dedicated team focused on HTML5 as well as dedicated teams focused on playback via the Articulate Mobile Player. While we can't speak to future releases or timelines, we are aware of the decisions being made that impact the ability of web browsers to display Flash content, the current limitations on our HTML5 content and are actively working to make sure that our content will work on all major web browsers.