On click sound not working as expected

Hi, I have a single slide used for navigation. It has a number of buttons that link to different scenes.

I'd like each button to have a "hover" sound and a different "click" sound. I've set up all the triggers for this, and the hover sounds work fine, but the click sounds don't play until the linked scene has completed and the user is returned to the navigation slide.

I thought I'd better check the order of the triggers to make sure the "jump to on click" trigger wasn't being activated before the "play media on click" one, and it wasn't - the trigger order is

  1. on hover play media
  2. on click play media
  3. on click jump to

I've experimented to try & make it work, but no luck yet. I've uploaded a simple test file that demonstrates what I mean. Any ideas?

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Garth Yorko, T.E.

It looks like the trigger to jump to the next slide happens immediately after the sound begins to play.  The result is that the sound nver really finishes.(or starts).

I moved the sound to layers.  Clicking the button opens a layer, the sound plays, then at theend of thetimeline, advances to the correct slide.  I reduced the duration of the sound to 1/2 a second.  It seems to work correctly.  See attached.