'On Condition' logic not working?

Oct 13, 2016


I'm having trouble inhibiting the Submit button with 'On Condition' on a Freeform-generated 'Pick Many' Quiz slide.

I have two pairs of buttons (Pic 1 'Good' and 'Bad' and Pic 2 'Good' and 'Bad'. Their initial state is 'Normal'. I want the user to have clicked either of the first pair AND either of the second pair before the Submit button becomes active and their answer is marked. The attached screen grab shows the Trigger panel.

But the Submit button is becoming active even when only one button from a pair has been selected. It seems to be ignoring the AND condition. We could do with some brackets to group the conditions.

I know I could work round this with a custom variable to track that at least one of each pair has been selected but it should be far simpler! Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Tim


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Susi B


as far as I know you can´t use "or" and "and" as conditions, storyline doesn`t know which connects to which.

If you didn´t already use it, you can use button sets so connect the good and bad choices of yours. A button set allows only 1 of the 2 buttons to be selected. But in your scenario I think you still have to use a variable that changes the state of the submit button when 2 are chosen. Or you could just set the submit button as clickable from the beginning, if you don´t have a forward button, they cannot skip anyways (except they can click into the menu).


Dave Cox

Hi Tim,

Susi is correct. The problem is the way that you've mixed the and and or conditions will not work in Storyline.

You can make this work though. As you mentioned would be with a custom variable. Another way is to separate the conditions. If one set is selected, go to layer 2. If the other set is selected go to layer 3. In layer 2, and the additional triggers for each condition from there.

You don't have to put any additional graphic on the screen if you don't need it. In this case, you can use the layers as just a place to control which triggers are in effect. 

Tim Neill

Frustrating deficiencies such as this just illustrate the market Storyline is aimed at ... the 'quick and easy slide creation, Powerpoint-like' market. The product could be so much more powerful with the addition of a few extra facilities. I have been using it for almost five years and have submitted many 'feature requests' but I'm not aware of a single one of these having been implemented. I know we all want the product to do the things that are important to us, but I can't see any excuse for not providing ...

  • Jump to a Timeline cue point
  • Automatically stop any playing media (without having to specify the media file name) when a new file starts playing
  • Display a PDF document in a scrolling panel (without having to open a new browser window)
  • Access to Storyline and system variables, e.g: set the SL Quiz Results variables from a custom variable before they are sent to the LMS (so we can add in the scores achieved in a custom Quiz question), retrieve the system date and time (without using Javascript), etc.
  • A simple set of scripting commands, again, to avoid the need to resort to Javascript. Let me execute If(A+B)-(C*D)<50, then ... etc. 
  • Externally held media files (in the Contents folder) should keep the file names they were imported with. When I want to simply replace the file called 'Welcome_to_ABC_v2.mp3' a year after the course has been released and without having to re-publish the whole thing, I can't find it because SL has chosen to rename it '5gcOmzYk3Pk_22050_48.mp3'!

Having said that, SL2 does have some really useful facilities like controllable object states and multiple slide layers.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tim,

Thanks for sharing that list here, and I know the feature request process and lack of transparency is something that folks have wondered about in the forums as well - and that is actually something our team continues to discuss and spend time investigating alternatives or new procedures, so hopefully there is a change to that which suits your needs in the future.

As for a few of the items you mentioned, they have been determined to be changes we haven't made and continue to be by design, such as the Storyline system variables and our set up to allow scripting through Javascript.

We did implement the ability to change the player font size, as detailed here. It is for the entire player, and not just the menu though. 

With this in mind, please keep the comments and feature requests coming, and we'll continue to work with our Product team to ensure we're designing tools that fit the needs of our wide customer base. 

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