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Jun 28, 2012

i have created a hover state for an image on the page this works fine, on click it takes me to a new section and returns to the same slide again, the problem is that it is now stuck in the hover state.

i have tried custom states and using a variable to change the image back to normal if false when to timeline resumes on the slide nothing seems to work.  (slide must resume saved state as it must not play again, i think this may be part of the problem),

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Gerry Wasiluk

I was thinking of using the trick of putting a regular button on the page with the image and then using format painter on the button and then applying to the image.  All the states get created for you in the image, which you can then edit further.  Then you delete the button.

Wonder if that would work?  I'll have to play with later . . .

Jerrem Davies

9 years later but it can be done. I'm sure the many updates to Storyline has resolved this, but I'm new to Storyline and this one was hurting my head, and I could only find old posts like this one.

Like @ste p my hover state remained 'stuck on' when I returned to the original slide from a secondary slide and 'resume saved state' was a must.

@Phil Mayor is correct, the hover state remains when you jump to another slide and it is captured and remains when you return to the original slide.

There is a simple fix for those with a sore head like I had.. again.. I am new.. day 3 of using Storyline :) 

Fire a 'change of state' back to 'Normal' (non-hover state), but the important part is to ensure the 'change of state' trigger is set to fire before the 'jump to slide' trigger.

By doing this in the correct order, the hover is reset to its normal state before the jump to new slide takes place, therefore it is in its normal state when you return.

If it helps just one person, it was worth adding this!!