On Menu bar, I want just scene names to appear and not the slide names under the scene.

I am using Articulate Storyline 3 .On Menu bar, I want just scene names to appear and not the slide names under the scene. If I try to delete all the slide names under the menu option, "Selected Item highlight" does not work at all. Also, navigation on menu bar after previewing shows acts absurdly. 

I want to highlight only  scene on which learner is present and not the slide.

Anyone faced the same problem earlier. IS there a way around. Thank you.

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Dev,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your course design needs! I do see what you mean when you remove the Slide Titles from the Menu bar. This is intended behavior as a learner progresses through the course. The Menu bar is wanting to highlight the current slide that is being reviewed. 

A workflow that might help here is to use the first Slide Title in the scene instead of the Scene name. The same behavior will occur, but that first slide title will be highlighted. 

Hopefully, other members of the community will chime in and share how they are accomplishing a similar design need.

Dev Davidson

Hi Vincent, 

Thanks for your reply. But that does not help me because the highlight disappears from the menu, if i delete the slide titles from the menu. I want the highlight to appear on the scene, so that learner knows in which scene he is in. Basically i want the toc populate according to the scene names instead of slide names without loosing the highlighter on menu.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dev,

Thanks for that clarification! That would be a new feature to Storyline, as currently only the slide that the learner is on is highlighted. Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests, and if you'd like to see this type of change I'd love to have you share more thoughts with our team as a feature request.