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Mar 13, 2014

Hi everybody,

I hope somebody can help me about the on/off buttonI created for the sound and the subtitle.

I need to put on my module a sound and a subtitle and let the user free to click on the button if he wants or not to listen to the sound, read the text or both.

Moreover, I want that the slides after the first one take into account the state of this one : if the user clicked to listen, to read or both on the first slide, these actions should be by default on the following slides.

The buttons must change of state when the user click for the sound and click for reading the text. When they are ON, the state will be normal; otherwise the state will be OFF.

What I did on the file.story is nearly correct. But I think there is too much triggers for one action. And these buttons will appear on all the slides...

I need to know:

- Is there a best and easiest way to realize all these actions without so much triggers ?

- Do you think I can do a slide master with all these actions in order to take them into account on the slides ?

The text in the module is in French but its not that important.

Thanks for your help.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherlina,

This tutorial on how to use a variable to retain the state of a object/button across multiple slides should help with what your after.

Also, wedon't currently support changing thestateof an object that's located on alayerin yourslide master. To interact with objects on a layer, you'll need to add them to the actual content slide rather than the slide master.

If you'd like to request this feature,click here. We welcome your suggestions!

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