On/Off Hot Spot and Slider Color Change


I have two questions. First, can you use a hot spot to turn on/off a "switch" which is simple a inserted photo that is using Normal/Hidden states? 

The second question, I have a slider that when is "off" or to the left the slider bar is grey but when they slide to the right or "on" the bar needs to be yellow? Any suggestions on how I could get this to work?

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Walt Hamilton

Put a cover over the yellow part. Fill it with whatever is behind it.

If everything behind the yellow is background, fill the shape with the slide background.

If it is all objects on the slide, just put the slider behind them (below on the timeline). If, as I suspect, it is a combination, then take a screen shot and place it on the screen as a picture. You may have to crop it.

I use MS Snip, but there are lost of ways to take a screen shot. You may end up with a rectangular shape which will leave bits of yellow showing, in which case you may want to use a square thumb, rather than a circular one.