On restart "Prompt to resume" dialog not working

Hi guys,

I am encountering a problem with Articulate 360, with  Articulate 2 I never had this issue.

The function Prompt to resume is working fine, but when the dialog windows pops ups and I do not choose Yes or No and I close the course or get disconnected, when trying to resume, the course starts from beginning. 

So, when not choosing yes or no and I log out the LMS or press back button etc., the course reset itself.

I already did a SCORM DEBUG and the course's SCORM when closing or logging out the LMS when the dialog window is open, is reporting a undefined string for suspend_data.

 (SCORM_CallLMSSetValue strElement=cmi.suspend_data, strValue=undefined)

In general and when using the course, resume works fine and SCORM is reporting the corresponding data alright.

SCORM_CallLMSSetValue strElement=cmi.suspend_data, strValue=2B16607080on1001212f010120111201212Z400001^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^1^v_player.6KPJbOwMC6W.6WkK4YW1cL41^1^0002000

So the problem is only when the dialog pop up window is open and I close the course.

Have anyone encounter a similar issue?

Thanks guys.



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