On screen text underlining

Jun 07, 2018

Hi all,

I'm currently working on an activity whereby the learner is given a large chunk of text, and has to identify the key words by underlining them. The goal is to have them practice their French reading comprehension. Though I know how easy it would be to do on paper, I'm trying to imagine a Storyline alternative so that the learn can work directly on screen. I had thought about making every word in the text clickable like in the screenshot below, but since it's a large chunk of text, I'm not sure how it would all fit into a standard size slide. Any bright ideas?

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Walt Hamilton

If there are no more clickables than in the picture, you could make each line, (or half line, if it has two words) a separate line with a selected state that has the correct word underlined.

You'd have to cover all of the text with an invisible shape so it would only change state if the exact word is clicked. Shouldn't be too bad.

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