On slide reload, incorrect layer showing

Hi all!

I came across something odd today and can't for the life of me figure it out. I have a slide with multiple layers tied to a slider. The layers are displayed via a trigger or variable (depending on the layer). This all works. I also have the slide props set to "reset to initial state" and I reset the trigger variable when the timeline starts.

However, if I begin to move through the slide in question, then go back to the previous slide, then go forward again (e.g., "prev" followed by "next"), the slide in question loads with the first layer already displayed, instead of showing that layer when called at 3s on the timeline by a trigger. 

I'm attaching a stripped down version of the story here. Any insights much appreciated!


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Daniel Servan

Hi Caryn,

Try this. Hope this helps you.
-Don't reset the Variable Slider1 on Start.
-Add a trigger to check the value of Slider 1
  - Show the layer equivalent to Slider number when timeline reaches at 3 sec.
There are two ways to show the layers.
1. By dragging the Slider
2. By checking the Slider value when Timeline Reaches to 3sec then Show the specified Layer. (You missed this)


Caryn Carman

Hi Rex!

Thanks so much for your input.

Ironically, I added the trigger to "check slider1 value at timeline start" after the slide started showing the layer too soon. Initially it was working fine.  :/

What I don't get is why the value of slider1 should impact the "show layer X when timeline reaches 3s" trigger. (That's my 2nd trigger on the slide). Is it b/c there are 2 independent triggers that could call that layer?

I really appreciate your patience with me!



Michael Hinze

Hi Caryn, this is a weird issue and it shouldn't happen. As far as I can see your triggers are set up correctly. Yes, you do change the slider variable to 0 when the timeline starts, but the show layer  Respect trigger should only work WHEN THE SLIDER MOVES AND THE VARIABLE IS 0, not when the variable CHANGES to 0. Anyway, as a workaround, you could set the slider variable when the Next button on the previous slide is clicked or when the Prev button on the following slide is clicked. See attached a quick test that works as I would expect.