Once again, can't figure out why a trigger isn't working

I've created a drag-and-drop activity, and would like a feedback box to appear when they drop the item on the correct target.

I have the feedback box's state as hidden when timeline starts, and then have created a trigger which changes State to normal when the object is dropped on the target.  But the feedback box isn't showing when I preview.

I'm attaching the slide with the non-working trigger (object is titled "OSHA" and trigger is titled "feedback-OSHA").  There are multiple objects that I've left with their "hidden" trigger intact in case that has something to do with why the "show" trigger isn't working.

Thanks for any ideas!



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Terry Coe

i got this to work by setting the initial state of the feedback to hidden, instead of using a trigger based on the timeline starting. then i created a trigger that changes the state of the feedback based on whether the object is dropped in the correct area. 

I only did this for the "talk to staff "object and feedback to show you the difference in my approach. you should be able to apply it to the rest of the objects using the same template.

Jiju Punnoose

Hi Helen,

It seems your trigger setup was a bit off.  As shown in the attached picture, the initial state of feedback-OSHA needs to be hidden. No need for a trigger here. Just hide it by selecting 'Hidden' in the drop-down next to the Edit States button. 

Then, introduce a trigger to change state of feedback-OSHA to Normal, when OSHA dragged over clipboard.

The same, I guess, for all your other triggers. 

I have also attached the revised story file. Now the feedback displays.