One block text cued at different points in audio

In the media class (Intro 4), David talked about how easy it was to covert a block of text to add each paragraph at a specific cue time with the audio. I tried this technique and it simply animated in sequence but did not show as separate text below that I could adjust or cue to enter with the audio rather than timed by the animation feature. That would be a very helpful feature. What am I doing wrong? The text was a word or two each line then hit enter to create 4 lines. Hitting enter between makes them separate paragraphs yes? Or do I have to use bullets? 

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cyndy ryder

If I understand what you are asking, you would like to have separate paragraphs of text appear at different times in the timeline (to sync with the audio).

To do this, select the text box, select the animation panel and add an entrance animation (if you just want it to appear, choose 'fade' and adjust the time to .10). Then, right under the duration drop-box in the entrance animation pane, you will see 'effect options'. Click on that and choose 'by paragraph' at the bottom of the drop-down list.

Then, you will see an arrow at the left of the timeline on your text box layer. If you click this layer it will expand the text box and your paragraphs will each be on their own line in the timeline which can be adjusted to your chosen timing.