One button of many not working

Apr 15, 2020

I have a series of buttons on each screen. They all work properly when you click on them. Most of them work properly when you tab to them and hit enter or spacebar, except one. Does anyone know why one button would not work like the others do? To be clear, it works when you click on it with the mouse, but not when you tab to it and hit enter. I have checked to make sure the trigger is set properly.

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Kristin Hatcher

Thank you Walt. I was able to delete the trigger and recreate the trigger, and that fixed the problem. The trigger in question was "jump to slide, next slide." My group doesn't want to use the Articulate player, so we create our own. I had to replace the trigger on hundreds of slides. It must be that something went wrong when I copied/pasted the button between slides, as you say. Oddly, the "Next" button was the only one out of 6 that was broken for anyone not using the mouse. What a PAIN to fix. 

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