One learning object, translations, big courses


I have a course that is translated to 12 languages. The course is big with many slides and I wonder if there is a way to create an "index page" where you can select the language that you want and also be able to keep the SCORM communication.

Here is the problem: The language selection page is one course with buttons with hyperlinks to the other courses. The problem is that there is only one learning object and that is connected to the language page so the other "real" courses will not be able to report the course result because they are missing learning object.

I cannot build all the slides into different textboxes and different states it is too many slides and too many languages for using that solution.

Any ideas?



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Robert Eriksson

I built the language selection slide in Storyline but this morning I built in plain HTML with no SCORM communication just plain HTML

The actual course is still built in Storyline and not connected to the learning object in the LMS system

The language selection page is connected the learning object

But building it like this HTML for language selection and then the actual course the course actually reports the SCORM status and without learning object. 

I know this must be not the way to do this not good practice but for now it works!