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I've seen lots of discussion on this topic, but no answers - and nothing in the last 6-months.  I have a slide with multiple objects that can be moved.  The correct answer is the top two red gumdrops should go in either DropL or DropR - one in each.  However, even if I put the top 2 red gumdrops in DropL on top of each other, and nothing in DropR, it shows the answer correct.  So is there a way to setup a dropzone to ONLY allow one object.  This slide is setup as a Pick One activity as that was the suggestion throughout the discussions for a  multiple drag and drop activity.

I hope someone has an answer, and it's relatively simple, because I'm new to Storyline.


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Janet Mudd

Yes; however, that does not cover the situation to which I am referring.  What if (using that example) the user dragged BOTH purple flowers to the same purple pot and the yellow flower to the yellow pot.  It would still mark the activity correct even though the second purple pot is empty, because technically the first pot would take either flower.

So my question is how do you get a drop zone to basically be “not available” for any more objects once it has one in place?

Mike Adèle

I am unable to open OneDropZone.story posted by Janet Mudd in a previous reply. I get the message

"This project cannot be opened. I may have been created in a newer version of Storyline."

My version of Storyline is Storyline Update 8: 1412.921

Is there a version of this project which will work with my version of storyline? Or would it be possible to explain the workaround on here so that I can use it in my project.


Many thanks 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike!

Janet's file was for Storyline 2 so it is not reverse compatible to Storyline 1, which is what you have.

Janet shared her solution above. If you would like to share more details and perhaps your .story file we could take a look, or you are welcome to download a trial of Storyline 2 if you'd like to take a peek at her file :)

Janet Mudd

Hi Mike, 

Were you able to access the file?  If not, refer to the video HERE on how to make a multiple drag objects for a single target using Pick One.  Then follow the directions on the attached document.  (Those instructions I wrote for my reference so if you don't understand them feel free to reach back out to me.)