One question per slide, and how are results reported?

Oct 17, 2014


I am just learning the features of Storyline and would like to collect responses submitted in the courses I create.

I have a slide with three questions that are currently set up with text responses using the "data entry" function.  I have decided to track the responses to each question, however, when I convert to  free form  I can enter only one question per slide.  Is there any way to have more than one quiz or survey question on a slide and still ensure all of the answers are tracked?

Secondly, when uploaded to an LMS, how do I ensure that the responses to survey and quiz questions are tracked? Do I need a results slide for tracking?

Thank you for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

You'll want to use the method here to report the value of your variables to your LMS - and yes, you'll want to include a results slide that tracks your quiz and survey questions. You may want to check in with your LMS team though regarding the types of reports and information you'll be able to pull and ensure you can see student/user entered responses. There is a great article here too on troubleshooting common LMS issues. 

Sarah Delicate

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for the information on reporting variables.  I have been successful including these steps in my course.  However, when I hide the short answer survey slide, I am unable to unhide it.  I have searched the forum and cannot find an answer.  Can you please tell me how to unhide the slides so that I can check to ensure my variables are correct. Thank you!

Lastly, I want to track and report individual responses to a Likert scale  survey created in Storyline.  However, your response indicates that the LMS must have the capability to track and report responses not Storyline.  Is that correct? 

Thanks again for you help!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

You should still see the slide in your Storyline course - it's not hidden from your view, just hidden in the sense that the user "jumps" over it. If you're not seeing it - did you possibly move it to a different scene or location? 

Likert responses should be reported to your LMS, but again it'll depend on the LMS's ability to report out on them. If you're using Storyline 1 you'll want to make sure you're on latest update as detailed here. 

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