One quiz question with multiple incorrect slide layers pertaining to which answer the learner chose?


I have a quiz question that the correct slide layer appears once the Learner chooses the answer but if the Learner chooses the wrong answer, they get an incorrect slide layer pertaining to that individual answer that the Learner chose. For example - if the Learner chooses option B. (which is the incorrect answer), they get the B Incorrect layer to appear. The same thing if they chose option C, they would get the C Incorrect layer to appear . I have a total of 4 answers that the Learner can choose. I already created the question and the pertaining slide layers to each answer option. How do I modify the "Submit interaction Multiple Choice" Player Trigger for this? Is there another way to accomplish this? I'm lost and any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached the file to this discussion.

Thank you in advance.

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