One Seekbar for all layers

Hi everyone, 

I have a module that contains sample conversations between team members. Each piece of the conversation is on a separate layer (most is 9 layers). The client wants the learner to view the entire conversation before moving to the next slide. I set that up with variables and triggers no problem. But now the client wants the learners to be able to see how much more of the conversation is left so they don't get frustrated clicking the next button without anything happening. They don't want an "error" pop up as they think it's distracting. The only other thing I can think of is to show the seekbar but that resets at the beginning of every slide. Is there a way to set the seekbar so that it shows all the timelines on one bar, therefore letting the learner know when the next button is activated. 



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lynn,

The player seekbar will reflect the base layer or the slide layer, but not both. There's a way we can make the seekbar look as if it reflects the timelines of all layers, though!

First, set the seekbar to Read Only in the player properties. This will ensure the learner doesn't drag the seekbar.

Then, calculate the total time for the base layer and all slide layers. Extend the duration of the base layer timeline to match the total time. 

Preview the slide, and you should notice that the seekbar duration matches the duration of all slide layers. 

Let me know if that helps!

Lynn Hauser

Thanks for the response. Your idea would work except I have the layers
advancing automatically at the end of the timeline. I'll keep that in my
back pocket, though, for future needs. Yesterday the client decided to
simply pile everything on the base slide and eliminate the layers. Pain in
the butt for editing but easy for the learner to understand how much time
is left of each dialogue. Have a great day. Lynn