One slide is not previewing on Preview Slide...please HELP!

I'm unable to Preview this one slide in my project. I've tried restarting and updating Storyline, exporting it to a new project but it still fails to preview in Preview Slide and also Preview scene.

What would be causing this for one slide? I have attached the file for your inspection. Thank you so much!

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Walt Hamilton

You have a couple of objects that are causing problems. Maybe they are corrupted. They are both named Momentum Bodene 2, so maybe there was something in common about their creation. On Layer Part 3 - Copy, it is the one with the label "Final Velocity, Jana", and on layer Part 2 it is the one with the label "Show total momentum calculation".  When you turn off the visibility of both of them, the slide previews.

Paul Oyler

  Thanks for the reply.  I came across this thread because I was having the same issue.  One slide in my project failed to preview.  I couldn't preview that slide, its scene, or the project.  Based on your suggestion, I went through the slide layer by layer to isolate the culpable object(s).  The culprit was a corrupt video file.  In my case, turning off visibility did not allow me to preview.  I had to delete the file.  Thanks again.  I'm sure others have found this helpful.