One Storyline 360 course with 4 language selections including language specific quizzes.

Jun 11, 2020

I am building a Storyline course with an initial slide containing 4 language buttons.  Each will link to a scene with the language specific video recording.  There are also language specific quizzes.   When packaging as SCORM for LMS how do I have the course complete with only one of the four quiz results slide tracked?  

Or will I have to build in some variables for the course complete trigger if Language = Spanish and Spanish Quiz results slide = passed?

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Sam Hill

Hi Mary, this could be a problem if you are wanting to track the users response to the LMS (cmi.interactions) as you would need to select a specific results slide in the publish setting to do that. This would mean that you have to select one of the four results slides. This isn't going to work in your scenario as completion would only be based on that one results slide.

In order to get a completion for each of the four languages, you can just have a completion trigger in each results slide. For example, on the results slide, on the Pass layer, just include a trigger on timeline start to "Complete course". You then just need to update the publish Tracking setting to "Complete course trigger".

The downside to this, as mentioned, is that you will no longer track the individual users responses to questions in cmi.interactions.

There are still ways to do this by splitting the modules into four individual course and having a separate launch page. It's not something Storyline can do for you though, but definitely possible.

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