Online tool for coaching and gathering data

I have been developing courses for over a decade but until recently I have always worked with engineers, moodle experts, and others who actually handle the back-end of things.  Now I'm on my own and trying to educate myself about the various LMS's and their functionality and features.  I have created a course for a client who wants to be able to collect and collate data based off of the students' responses to survey and short answer questions.  She'd like something that offers user support, and allows her a platform to coach her students.  From what I know so far, Moodle meets the criteria, and the cost involved would be hiring someone to develop her site.  For those of you who are more experienced with this side of things than I, what do you think about using Moodle in this capacity, are there other options to consider, what costs/fees can we expect, etc.  Look forward to your feedback!

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