Only 2 attempts on a Quiz

I try to create an exam with only 2 attempts. I publish to SABA LMS, and the problem I have is this.

If I put the Retry button, the user might redo over and over the exam, and that's not what I'm looking for.

Otherwise, you're stuck on the last slide you visited, ie, result slide with 0% the second try.

Any idea how can I get through this problem ?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peak,

You could set this up using a variable, so there's a limit on how many times your users can retry the quiz.

Take a look a the following tutorial for more information on limiting quiz retries:

Tutorials > Articulate Products > Limiting Quiz Attempts

If you have any trouble with this, or any questions, please just let me know!



Norma Miller

Hi Christine,

I have used a variable to limit the number of attempts on a quiz to 2, but this works only to a certain extent.

In our LMS, which is BizLibrary, all the learner has to do is exit the course and re-enter, answering No to resume where they left off, and they can go through the course and take the quiz again. They can do this as often as they want.

According to our LMS administrator, this behavior can be controlled if the quiz is pulled out separately from the course; but this defeats the whole benefit we are enjoying with Storyline of having everything in one place.

Is there anything we can do within Storyline to ensure a limit of 2 attempts, with no additional tries?



Norma Miller

P.S. I just re-read the instructions, and I'm wondering if maybe setting Resume to Always will do the trick. We'll do some testing and I'll let you know. Many thanks!


Hi Ashley,

Sorry, just saw this. For some reason I didn't get an email notification about the update to my post.

We know that it may take a learner several "launches" to get through a course, especially a long one. What we are trying to avoid is their taking the quiz more than twice, because our policy calls for a max of 2 attempts to pass. It looks as if these instructions control the behavior of the overall course, but not of the quiz itself (which we call the Final Assessment).That's what we need to control.

I appreciate the information and will review it with my LMS administrator, but I don't think this is giving us what we are looking for.

If you have any other suggestions, please do let me know. Thanks so much!


Norma Miller

OK, I have good news and weird news:

I deliberately failed the Final Assessment twice, and I believe my scores were 75% and 60% (passing score is 80%). When I launched the course again, I expected that to be the end of it. However, it opened directly to one of the questions I had gotten wrong – but only ONE, even though I missed FOUR (that’s the weird part). After I answered that question correctly, my score changed to 66.66%.

Each subsequent attempt to launch the course took me directly to the Results slide, with the Retry Quiz button disabled (that’s the good part).

I think this solves 90% of our problem, but I can’t for the life of me think why it would give me another shot at that one question. Because of that, you could say I actually had three attempts at the quiz – with three different scores. So, my concern is that, if someone had a 60 and then a 75, they might get a third chance to bring their score to an 80 by answering one more question correctly.

Any ideas?

Lyndsey Willaims

I am having the same issue with StoryLine 2. 

I added Attempts  Value 0

I added a trigger to Retry Quiz (Button 2) that adds a value of 1 to the Attempts variable

Added slide trigger with Attempts == Equal to 2.00

Test it and take the quiz as many times as I want. I added a state change to the button 2 (Retry) to the color Red after clicking on it which is working just to see it visually. 

I attached the screenshot of the result slide triggers. Please Help!

Lyndsey Willaims

Hi Leslie,

I made a few changes - moved the triggers and after many attempts to get it to work - it did! I also changed the value of the variable to 1 so the person gets the quiz plus one more attempt to pass the quiz. I tested it and everything seems to be working now as I hoped it would.

I was thinking that in the future of adding a button to start the course again after two attempts. I would have to reset the quiz attempts to zero at that point when the button is clicked. If I added another button(restart course) and trigger to set to Attempts to zero when the button is clicked to restart the course - would that be possible? 

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lyndsey,

I'm happy to hear you've got it working! 

For your "start course again" you could use that to reset your variable to Zero, and you'd also want to look at using the "Reset results" trigger to update the users answers/score.

Keep in mind, these will be specific to Storyline. It'll be up to your LMS if they allow for the user to submit a new score or attempt for the course (and how they'll track/display those).