Only one trigger working

I'm new to Storyline and can't get past this stumbling block: I've created several triggers and layers. I've double checked my trigger properties and all looks ok. However, when I preview or even publish the slide, and click on one of the tabs, I can only select one tab - the other tabs are 'greyed out'.

Anyone any ideas?



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Phil Mayor

Hi Siobhan

There is something really starnge on that slide but I cannot find what is wrong.  If you create a new layer and copy the text box over and relink it works fine.  But something odd is going on.  I cannot see why it is fading out and then it stops the triggers,

I would create 4 new layers and copy the textbox onto each, delete the other layers and relink the triggers


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Siobhan, I agree with Phil - that's kind of perplexing! I took a minute to rebuild the slide with the same content, just to see if I could duplicate the problem, and oddly, the rebuilt version seemed to function fine. I'm attaching it here in case that helps. I did make a few cosmetic modifications, but nothing that would affect the behavior of the triggers:

  • I applied a fade transition to each layer, just so that the new content in each layer wouldn't appear quite as abruptly.
  • I removed the file on each layer's textbox, and instead hid the "Standard 1" textbox on the first layer, to avoid the appearance of overlap.
  • I removed the visited state from the tabs themselves, since there was also a hover state that shifted the tabs upward. Since visited is a persistent state and hover only happens when you mouse over the object, it was creating some oddness when the hover and visited state were both enabled. So instead, I moved the checkmarks out of the states, and made them their own separate objects whose initial state is hidden. They switch to their normal state when the user clicks the associated tab. For the "Plan" tab, the checkmark is visible immediately because that section is something the learner sees as soon as the slide begins playing.
  • I added a few triggers to the "Plan" tab - in case the learner returns to it to view the Standard 1 content, I have triggers which close the other 4 layers (thereby showing only the base layer).

I hope this helps a little!