Only one video plays on iphone or ipad

Mar 15, 2016


I have an elearning module that contains a number of slides that from which the user can launch more than one slide. To make this work the user clicks on a still image of a person. This triggers a new layer on which there is a video. When the video completes the layer is hidden and the user can click on a different image. Depending on the screen there are between 2 and 7 different videos.

My problem, these all work as expected on a desktop computer, but when I run them on an iphone or ipad, only one of the videos on any of these slides will run. The rest I cannot view (all I get is a black box with a white triangle in the centre, and if I click on the triangle the layer hides (which is what should happen only after I have viewed the video). 

Any clues?

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Gabrielle Parle

I should add that I re-created one of these screens so that instead of showing and hiding a layer containing the video when I click on each image, the trigger jumps to a new slide from which the video launches. This works as expected, and I can view all of the videos if I do this. The problem - it is a lot of work to rebuild all of the slides, so before I do that I would really like to understand why I cannot get this to work using layers. (A colleague has created a different project in which he has used layers to show and hide four different videos from the same slide and his works fine, so I can't completely rule out the use of layers to do this. I have compared my triggers to his, and they look similar.)

Gabrielle Parle


I have found a solution to this problem. Initially, I had the 'Play video' properties of each video set to 'Automatically'. Sometimes this works in html5 and sometimes not. 

I changed the 'Play video' option of each video to 'From trigger', then created a trigger in each video layer to 'play media (video name) when timeline starts (video layer name)'. The videos all play now, and I am happy :)

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