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I'm sorry if this is a novice question but I'm fairly new to Storyline...I'm looking for a way to use the player menu, but to have it only appear when the learner hovers over the left side of the screen. I've looked everywhere I can think of and can't seem to find any help. Does anyone know if this is possible or better yet, how to accomplish this? It must be something simple I'm overlooking.

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Thanks Norm...I was hoping to avoid that as it is a pretty long course. I've seen it done in other eLearnings at my company, but they may have been using Captivate. I appreciate your suggestion!


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Kristin Jorgensen

Hi Meg,

Great question - but it's not currently possible with the built in menu of Storyline. You may want to look at custom set ups as Norm mentioned, and you could develop something with the Storyline SDK. 

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