Only showing "Modern Interactions" in Templates drop-down

Apr 14, 2015


I'm new to Storyline 2.  While perusing the web in search of an FAQ template suitable for Storyline 2, I ran across a post saying there should be one accessible from the Templates "Top Interactions" drop-down.  Could that possibly be referring to Storyline 1 and it's no longer supported in Storyline 2?  When I click the templates drop-down, I only get one option, saying "Modern Interactions" and it includes Tabs, Process, Timeline, Media and three DragNDrop, but no FAQ template.

I'm sure I can figure out how to create something with layers but thought I'd speed up the process with a template, if available.

Anyone know if there is an FAQ template for Storyline 2 somewhere?



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HR Graves

Hi, Wendy,

Thanks for taking the time to share the solution. I was able to download
the Top Interactions file and it¹s now showing in the Templates drop-down.

One challenge ­ I downloaded some other templates from the Free Storyline
Templates page, but I notice not all of them had the same ³.storytemplate²
suffix, and those that didn¹t aren¹t showing up on the drop-down. Can I
just change the file extension to match or is there some other work-around
you know of? (Hope my question makes sense.)


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Helen Graves
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