I'm new to, an using, Articulate Storyline 2.  I've created a quiz but am surprised by the only two options I see available for quizzing.  OPTION 1: After each question, click SUBMIT it to see if you got it right.  If not, TRY AGAIN until you do (based on options I chose).  This option seems uber easy with no way of failing.  OPTION 2: After each question, click NEXT to move onto the next question.  The RESULTS screen then shows you the percentage you got correct with the option to RETRY QUIZ.  If the student receives a 70%, how do they know which question answers to change, the student thought they answered them all correctly in the first place?  This seems too hard.

Am I missing something?  Isn't there a middle ground, like telling the student they missed questions 4 and 6 and then let them RETRY QUIZ?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dan!

In your results slide options, you can allow the user to review the quiz and/or re-try as well:

Check out this tutorial for all the details.

As far as the attempts for the questions, you can control the individual attempts as well as provide the feedback you wish for the learner. Check out this tutorial for assistance as well.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Dan -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! Please see this information on How to Limit Quiz Retries in Storyline and this article as well for additional details. Is that what you had in mind? If not, you are welcome to share your file so we can get a better idea of what you'd like to do. :)