OnMouseOver hint in the step-by-step simulation made from video -- flickers on iPad

Hi all,

I have made a video recording of a software navigation and then created in Storyline a step-by-step simulation, where built-in hints appear when a mouse hover over a correct area to click. Works great on desktops, however when run on a tablet (iPad) - there is no mouse-over effect of course, but somehow those hints, which cannot actually be displayed, still appear from time to time in a half-second flickering  - not enough time to read them anyway and they disappear immediately.
How can I avoid that on iPads? (Exported in HTML 5, we would like to avoid Flash)

And another question - is it possible to control how long does the timeline of the recording snippet play? I could not drag it to expand and therefore if I want to show briefly the confirmation of correct input (another layer) after user clicks the needed area -- I do not have enough time to give a feedback on the correct response.
Thank you very much!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Irina! 

Hovers are a bit tricky on iPads, since they behave a bit different than on a desktop computer. On an iPad, you have to tap and hold for a hover object to appear. What happens when you tap and hold within the hotspot area on your slide?

Regarding your second question, are you finding that the screen recording disappears when the 'correct' feedback layer opens? The recording snippet should remain on the slide until the learner navigates to the next slide.

I'd be happy to take a closer look at your file, if you don't mind sharing it here!

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,
Thank you for your reply!
The thing with an iPad is that a user taps relativerly short on the correct answer and then the transition to the next screen occurs. This is a great and natural behavior, so it would be unnatural for a user, who sees the learning first time, to want to hold a tap longer. We also want the learning to be self-explanatory and do not want to instruct a user to hold a bit longer for a hint to appear. In fact, if a user clicked correctly - they do not need a hint anyway, so a hint on an iPad with longer holding time would occur  *after* a correct answer is already anyway selected.
I wonder if it is technically possible to discriminate the OnMouseOver effect on objects, when exported to mobile, similar to settings that get special treatment in case "is_mobile" .

With regards to the second question: (sorry that I cannot share the complete file due to confidentiality and different NDA issues, but I attach the screenshot of my trigger set and the timline)
Currently the trigger on the recording snippet is: "Jump to next slide when media completes". And I have a trigger on the Hotspot above the correct answer to show a correct layer if a user clicks the hotspot. So when user clicks a hotspot, a layer with correct feedback appears, but is shown only for a second, and then transition to the next slide occurs. I was wondering how to keep the transition automatic, when the user clicks the hotspot and still to show the correct feedback layer a bit longer (so I can control how long it is displayed).
I tried to change the trigger on the recording snippet to move to next slide not when media completes, but when timeline ends, but then I get stuck on the same slide somehow.
Dragging the timlie of snippet to prolong it does not work.
Thank you very much!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Irina,

You make some excellent points! I'm curious to hear from other folks in the community how they design "Try Mode" slides to work well for both iPads and desktops, keeping in mind that hovers behave differently in those two environments.

On your second question, I would remove the trigger to 'jump to the next slide when the media completes/when the timeline ends'. Instead, you could add a trigger to the feedback layer to 'jump to the next slide when the timeline of the layer reaches 3 seconds' (or enough time for the learner to read the feedback). 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,
Thank you very much for your reply!
I would love to hear more insights from the community too.

Regarding your suggestion trigger, it works for the correct layer to show longer and not to disappear, than you!
However the transition to the rendering of the next step screen (NB - not to the Storyline slide!) happens before the timeline of the correct layer reaches 3 sec (and I just continue to see the correct feedback long enough now, but it sits over the new screen).
I assume this is because in the software implementation this rendering of the transition to the next step is embedded in the media snippet of my current  step.
I tested it with removing the trigger to jump to the next slide completely, detaching the current slide from the rest of the series. And it still is able to show me the next software screen, however of course without the on-mouse-over hints for it. This is as if the hints for the next step belong to the next slide, but the rendering of the transition to this new next slide sits within the recorded snippet of my *current* slide.

I would love to have the possibility to stay on the current slide without transition to the next, until the correct layer finishes playing, instead of rendering the next screen while the correct feedback layer is still playing. Would that be possible? 
Thank you very much!

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Alyssa,
Many thanks for the possibility to share the file. I have done it via the link.
I created a new case with Airbnb navigation, but it is the same issue (not the sounds, just premature rendering of the next recording snippet on slides 2 and 3, before the timeline of the correct feedback confirmation (the green "v") expires. Thank you very much!