Open a link when clicking on an object and change state of another object at the same time

I am trying to change the state of an object once I click on (ad open) a hyperlink in a marker. However even if I have first the trigger of opening the hyperlink and then the trigger for change of state, it looks like Storyline skips the first trigger (open hyperlink) and jumps to the "change state of object" trigger.
Any ideas on how I could get this done?
The idea is that once the learner clicks on a hyperlink and reads the content on the site, then they can click on a button that gives them an extra point.
Thanks in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amaia!  How did you create the trigger to change the state of the object using the hyperlink?  Did you copy and paste the "jump to URL" trigger from the hyperlink, and change the action?

Hyperlinks shouldn't be able to do anything other than jump to URLs or files.  And it will be hard to workaround that limitation with a marker, since the text in a marker is a part of the marker as a whole.

Could you create a marker effect rather than use a pre-built marker?  You could have a text box appear when clicking on a similar icon, and include hyperlinked text.   Then, create a trigger to change the state of the "extra point button" to normal when the user clicks the text box.

Let me know what you think!