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Ken Venick


I probably wasn’t as clear as I should have been. I meant a pagewithin Storyline. For instance, I want a Glossary page in aseparate scene that I can display in a new window. This has to do with 508compliance. I have the Glossary showing in the player, but the learner has tocycle around via TAB all the possible links/buttons to get there, and the reader, in this case NVDA,won’t read separate entries. I’m looking to see if there a way to gain morecontrol over this within a course.

Justin Grenier

Thanks for clarifying, Ken.

You could try publishing your target slide as its own single-slide course and then inserting it into the parent project as a Web Object stored on your local computer. This also gives you the opportunity to set the Display in a new browser window property.

Good luck with your project!