Open Layer - When Learner Clicks - If Certain Conditions are met

OS: Windows 10

Version: Storyline 3

I've been using Storyline for years now. So I must admit I'm embarrassed that I can't figure out something so simple that (I think) I've done before. Granted, I almost always "takeover" a file someone else started. But still, I can't see what I'm overlooking.

The situation is simple. The learner has two check boxes. If they click the select either (or both) check boxes and clicks "Confirm", the specified layer should open up. If they click the "Confirm" button without making a selection, a different layer should open up.

In my attached sanitized example, no matter what the learner does, the same layer opens no matter what they click. What am I doing wrong? What is the obvious thing I'm overlooking?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Patrick Lambe

That did it. Thanks so much Jeff!

I thought of this. But I dismissed it because I had the priority trigger higher in the order on the Triggers panel. That was obviously a mistake.

Logically this makes no sense to me. Why would the trigger higher in the panel get ignored, but then be recognized when I lowered it? That, I don't know the answer to.

Thanks again Jeff. 

Jeff Forrer

If you turn off the trigger for No answer selected, then select something, the layer you want to appear will appear, you are just not seeing it when you have the triggers both shown. 

The layer you want to show, when something is selected, fires but then your Hide other layers condition on the No answer layer hides it right away.  If you turn that off you can see that they both fire and both layers show.

You could just change your conditions on the trigger for the No answer selected trigger to both not Selected vs. equals Normal.   

Many ways to do this one but either way will work.