Open Sans font no displaying well in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome (Storyline 360)

Hi all, yesterday we encountered an odd problem. We built several courses in Storyline 360 in several languages, the font Open Sans was used for the main body. We tested all of them in Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Everything was ok.

After that, the client asked us to merge them in one Storyline file, to make a Multilingual version. We merged the scenes, and created the multilingual version. We published the course again. Explorer was displaying everything correctly, but Chrome and Mozilla Firefox did not. The Open Sans font in the multilingual published course was not diplaying well, it was corrupted. The client is not happy and asking why now the course is not displaying well in those 2 browsers when it was displaying well in the stand alone versions. Please advise.

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David Ellenwood

Wow, I am experiencing the same unique issue. We have a course that primarily uses our client's standard font, Slate Pro Medium. The course includes 14 branches, with each being a different language. It is published with Storyline 360 as HTML5 with Flash fall back. The Slate Pro font does not display properly in Firefox or Chrome. It does display properly in Edge and Internet Explorer. We published a single screen test using Slate Pro Medium, and the font displays properly in all browsers. It seems to be an issue when multiple languages are included in a single SCORM package. Have you made any progress on this issue?

Matt Garton

No we haven't we haven't been able to get the end client to sign off on us sharing.

Our single language versions all display fine. After merging, we see the same problem you do.

My guess it's a CSS problem in the publishing compiler that's making it something IE/Edge likes, but not FF or Chrome.