Opened wrong file with error report

Apr 01, 2013

On a few occasions, I've opened a .story file only to have Articulate report that something went wrong, did I want to send an error report?  Yes, I sent an error report, before the reboot, and after.

Normally, I just close, reboot, problem solved.  Not today.

After rebooting, Articulate gave the same error report.  Wondering if my .story was corrupt, I began to save a "new" copy ... just in case, when I noticed that the file opened was NOT the file I had specified using the OPEN dialog box.

Instead, Articulate had opened the most recent "Project" in the project list.  I can imagine that this could be a major issue if I hadn't noticed.

Did a close of Storyline, tried to open the correct file once again, no reboot.  Problem gone now.  Not reproducible.

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