Opening a storyline module independently and within a tutorial

We have developed several independent short modules that can be accessed via the web. On completion the user closes the window to exit.

We now want to offer an alternative way to access these modules via a front end tutorial menu (also developed in storyline). The tutorial interface is simply a menu that opens the modules within the same window.

We have added a menu item to each module called Return. If the module is accessed independently this menu option can be set via a trigger to End course (and simply close the window) but if the module is accessed via the front end tutorial we want it to return to the tutorial front page. We are thinking that a variable might be the answer? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks! Carol

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Carol,

You can open your (punlished) Storyline projects as webobjects.

First you have to decide whether to open the webobjects within your "menu"-storyline or to have them opening in a new browser window.

Opening them in a new browser window is the easiest way to do it, no extra coding in your "menu"-storyline needed. As an advantage you the user can have more than 1 module open atthe time

If you choose to open the module from within the "menu"-storyline, then you'll have to either foresee slides (eg lightbox slides)  that will hold the webobjects or have layers to hold them. 



Carol Elston

Thanks for this Geert.

We have taken your advice and the tutorial now links to the individual resources as web-objects.  It all works fine on a PC but we have problems when opening on an iPad; it asks for the App to be downloaded each time a web-object is accessed even though the App is installed and updated.  Any ideas? (the tutorial can be found at: )

Best wishes