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I have a course with four units.  Each unit has a web object (Google Forms) I would like to have displayed within the slide. I've loaded the URLs into the appropriate slides, but only one of the four works.  That is to say when I publish and test, three of the slides come up blank and one goes directly to its Google Form as directed.  Has anybody else had this happen?  I'm using Storyline 2 and Chrome.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Eric!  Thanks for attaching your file.

I had trouble locating the web object slides after publishing because I don't think they were included in the Player menu.  I found the Independence web object slide though, and I see that it only displays the text from the slide and not the web object.

When editing that slide in Storyline, I tried to test the web object link and got this message:

It looks like this web object may be restricted to opening in a new browser window, rather than in the actual slide.

I changed it to open in a new browser window and published the course for web.  The web object successfully opened in a new browser tab.

You'll want to go through the project and click on your web objects in the slide and edit them.  Test the link.  If you get that error message, change the setting so that the web object opens in a new browser window.

You might want to inform your users that they'll need to navigate back to the tab with the course when they're done with the Google form.

I hope that helps!

Eric Vogel

Thanks for the effort but this is still a mystery. One of the four
(belonging) displays within the slide. I used the same process for
creating the other three evaluation slides but, as you noted, they only
display in a new window. Why? Is it something I did in Storyline?
Something in the way the Google Forms were created? Is there a way to get
then to display within the slides?

In the meantime, I'll talk with my client and see if displaying evaluations
within a new window will be acceptable.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Eric.  I looked at the URL you used for Belonging and compared it to the URL for the other 3 web objects.  

Belonging looked like this:

Independence, for example, looked like this:

You might have copied the wrong link for Independence, Mastery and Generosity.  It looks like you might have a shortcut from your Google Drive to those forms, but you need the actual URL for those forms to properly display.

I copied the Independence URL you used into my browser, and it redirected to this:

So I replaced the web object URL with that ^ and republished.  Voila, it worked like a charm to show in the slide.

Go through your project and make sure you're using the URL for the other 3 web objects and try publishing again.

I think we got it this time.  😅

Kira Litvin

This is an old discussion, but I'm having an issue when publishing. I have published to my LMS and am able to view/access the Google Form web objects in the course (in a slide) on my Windows laptop using Chrome, but NOT on android (I've tested in my LMS and Scorm Cloud). Neither are displaying in the course window on an Android. The window is just blank.

I've also had two users test in Chrome on a Mac laptop (not iphone yet) and they get an error that the link can't be displayed. 

Does anyone know why this is or any workarounds? I want to keep learners in the course and not open in a new window.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Kira!

I'm happy to help! In short, what you're seeing is actually expected behavior when using Google Forms as a web object. Google has iFrame restrictions which is why the slide is blank. Before filling out a Google Form, you're prompted to sign in which for security reasons can only be done through a browser. If a user is already logged into Chrome then the web object might be displayed correctly but that won't be consistent. 

This is what I'm seeing on my end which sounds similar to what you're noticing too! A workaround for this would be to open the Google Form web object in a new browser. It sounds like that might not be the most ideal build for you, but with Google's security precautions in place that's the safest fix.

Please let me know if you have any questions Kira!

Kira Litvin

Thanks for this explanation! I wish I had known this before I built this course. I thought I was being clever to provide a solution for the SME's requirements to provide a way for learners to type an open response AND get an email copy. Our LMS cant handle that. So, we will test it, by opening in a new window but I think we will lose learners coming back to complete the course. There are 4 of these GF responses. Maybe a better solution is to just have one at the end of the course. Any other suggestions?