Opening and closing attachments disrupts lesson

Hi. I've been using Storyline 3 on our LMS for several years.  About a year or so ago, we started using Chrome.  Through all of this, published lessons have worked well.  Recently, I have encountered a problem.  My recent lesson contains pdf and Word attachments.  I can open them but when I close them, the lesson seems to disappear and in its place is the last page I was on in our LMS.  Actually, the lesson is running, but you have to click the associated Chrome button in bottom Windows tray to bring the lesson on screen.  I've noticed the attachment opens differently, too.  It used to be that when I opened a Word attachment, Word would open to reveal the document.  But now, the attachment opens in what I think is called the Chrome preview with the black margins and where you have the option to download.  Obviously, creating a "hide and seek" learning environment is no good for our employees.  I've talked to our LMS people, our network people, but no solutions.  Any ideas? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jonathan, 

It sounds like you're course is launching in a new window as well? Could you set it to launch in the same window (leaving that option unchecked in the player properties) and see if that helps for when the learner closes the attachment? 

Unfortunately, there isn't much else you can change within Chrome for how it'll open attachments and documents. Have you checked how it behaves in other browsers? Perhaps you could recommend learners view in Firefox or Safari?

Jonathan Mosher

Thanks for responding, Ashley.  I checked the Player and the option you mentioned is unchecked.  The lesson works in IE, but we'd really like it to work in both IE and Chrome (the 120 offices across the state report to their own locality and they have different browsers. 

In the Publish menu, under Formats, there are four publishing formats.  Flash with HTML5 fallback (the third option) allows the lesson to work well in IE.  Is there a setting that is good for both IE and Chrome?

As I mentioned, we have lessons that behaved well in Chrome, say, six months ago.  But the attachments of these very same lessons now open differently and cause the "hide and seek" effect mentioned above.  My guess is that something changed in Chrome.  Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this.  Thanks!



Crystal Horn

Hi Jonathan. To prepare for a future without Flash Player support, get into the habit of publishing HTML5-only or -first. Storyline 360 HTML5 output includes support for virtually all major browsers, so we've got you covered! Let me know if you're seeing something weird with HTML5 output in IE, however.

Chrome has had some major updates in the last 6 months, and it sounds like you might be hitting a change in settings for how Chrome handles files. You can check in the Advanced>Content settings. As you said, though, it may be different for a variety of users.

Would it make sense to instead load these documents directly into your slide as web objects? You'll need to host them online to use this option.