Opening Docs From Resources

Hi all,

We have been battling with this for some time now and finally get a breather to ask for help.

When we open a pdf from resources it opens fine but kicks the course window down into the task bar. We use Chrome and our LMS is Success Factors.

Any help would be much appreciated as our learners don't realize this happens and think they got kicked out of the course causing nothing but grief...


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Matthew Bibby

This is related to how your browser displays PDFs and how your LMS launches a course.

Quick overview:

  • When you open a course in your LMS it (probably) launches in a new window. That window (probably) doesn't allow for the user to edit the URL or open a new tab.
  • When you click on the PDF in a course, it'll either try to open that in the browser, or, if the browser doesn't have a way of showing the PDF, will simply download the document.
  • Because the window that's displaying the course can't open a new tab, it loses focus and the main browser will will get the focus so it can display the PDF.

Make sense?

Try this in different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) and see how this behaviour differs.

Short of changing the way your LMS opens a course window, I don't know of any way to resolve this. You could try embedding the PDF's in your course instead of making them downloadable, but that's not really ideal for a number of reasons. 

Sorry there is no easy fix Brian.