Opening documents or web sites located in the Resource tab

When opening up documents listed in the Resource tab they instead open up in the task bar under the Explorer icon.  It does not open up the document.  The user must open Explorer and answer the permission questions to open the document.  Is there a method that allows the user to simply click on the Resource selection and have the document  (or web site) just open without all the other things happening?  Thanks in advance for any help you might give. Ron C.

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Josh Uhlig


If I'm understanding your issue, I don't believe it is related to Storyline.  In other words, I don't think there is anything Storyline can offer to resolve the issue you are having.

I believe the issue is where you are placing the finished product along with your company standards for internet security.  You might want to try working with your IT department to have it resolved. They can likely suggest the appropriate place to launch the content to avoid the permissions prompt.

Ron Collins

Josh - Thank you for your suggestion.  I have been working with our IT group and I will make that suggestion to them. The documents in question are on our server  and my understanding was that when published to a cd or hard drive the documents are embedded in the Storyline program being published.  I think Articulate Storyline is great and this is the only problem I have run across. Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ron, 

How are you viewing your published output? You'll want to test it within the intended environment, which based on what you've written I'm not sure if it's for web or CD. Testing it locally can cause you to encounter some security restrictions. 

You are correct that when linking to a resource Storyline will deal with the links in the following way:

  • If you chose URL, enter the web address in the field provided. You can also click the Test button to make sure the URL opens as you expect. Later, when you publish your course, learners will be able to click on the resource name to access the URL you chose. Learners will need to be connected to the internet in order for this to work.
  • If you chose File, click Browse and select the file you want to attach. Then click Save. Later, when you publish, Storyline will bundle a copy of the file itself right along with your course content. The file will be included in the story_content folder of your published output. Learners will need to have the appropriate software in order to view the file. For example, if the resource is a Word document, learners will need to have Microsoft Word installed on the computer from which they're viewing the course.

I also agree with Josh, that checking with your IT department on ways to ensure that the users won't encounter any security restrictions is a great idea once you're ready to deploy your course. 

Ron Collins

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions.  Our IT group is still baffled.  I am publishing to CD and under the resource tab I have two word documents and one URL.  After publishing whenever any of the selections are made they show up flashing the Internet Explorer icon in the task bar and, when clicked, a permission box comes up.  I have tried re-locating the files as Josh suggested and I have tried running everything through our server and the results are the same.  And Storyline indeed bundles the documents under "external files" and the documents are set to open with Word.  We have deployed the program from a hard and from a CD and the results are the same.  We have looked at all settings for Word and Internet Explorer trying to figure out why it is trying to open a Word document in Explorer with no luck. The program is a new employee training program and having company documents available through resources as references is a feature that is really needed. 

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ron,

I wanted to point you to this article about opening attachments when published to a CD - it is labeled for Presenter, but it'll also apply to Storyline. You mentioned you also put it on a web server? Are you able to share it with us here to test it out as well? Or if you'd prefer, our Support team can test it too.