Opening Doors...

OK Storyline heroes... I am trying to create an effect where you push the elvator button and the doors open to take you to the next portion of the module. I found a picture of an elevator lobby and made some custom doors with animated fly out and a picture behind. Then I made a shape in front that has the "slide background" fill, so it looks like an invisible shape. When I preview the slides, the doors continue to fly out in front of the "hidden" shape. I'll attach this slide so you can see what I mean.

Can anybody figure out why this isn't working?

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Josh Uhlig


I don't believe the slide background fill can be used in that way.

Here is what I suggest:

  1. Create a transparent cutout where the doors are (edit in photoshop or something similar) and then place it on the slide itself instead of in the background. 
  2. Place metal doors you created behind this image.

I've attached a presentation with this idea as the second slide.

Mark Woolwine

I think i got it working somewhat like you want. Make sure you cut out the doors and make that space transparent. Then layer each item based on what should be in front and what should be in back. Dont have the room as the slide background. It needs to be up close to the front of the canvas. Have the doors behind that so they slide behind the room. On the layer duplicate the room.