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Mike Taylor

Hi Miriam! You can link to documents in the Resources tab from a slide by using a relative link. To make that link just add the name of the file to the end of this path:  story_content/external_files/

So if I have a file in my Resources named "handout.pdf" the path you would put into the link would be story_content/external_files/handout.pdf

Sjoerd de Vries

I am searching for an anwer on the original question: to open the resource tab itself via a link.

I suppose that the resource tab is displayed with a javascript in the player. If it's possible to add this in a link on a slide "click here to open the resource tab" that would be fun.

In my learning I have created some reading assignments and instead of deeplinking to the document in the resources tab, I rather want to open the resources tab with a link. It should behave the same as when people click the Resources item.

Matt Kirby

An alternative would be to create a separate slide that can be lightboxed from a link. Essentially creating a custom Resources page.
This does multiple things...

1. The trigger link can be an object or a text link
2. The slide itself can have thumbnail graphics of each file/hyperlink
3. The lighbox slide allows for the designer to maintain custom navigation look/feel
4. You can leave the Resource tab itself hidden allowing the designer to specify exactly when and where the resources appear
5. Using this method you can integrate topic specific resources (especially useful in logic based courses)
6. In courses without the navigation panel, you can use this for help texts, handouts, hints (gamification based courses), etc.

The options are endless.

Lesley Hales

Jumping on this thread....

I have a resource within my SL file that is linked on a slide to jump to URL/file - it works fine. The slide has a trigger so users cannot click next until they have clicked on the text box to launch the linked resource. Once they close the resource I want the course to return to the slide so the user can click next and move on.

When I test the file in SCORM cloud, I click the resource link and the document opens, as soon as I close the document I am kicked out of the learning and cannot proceed.  I have tried changing the file settings to open in a new browser window but essentially get the same result, I am thrown out the learning.

The above didn't occur when I published and previewed as story.HTML.

Anyone have any idea where I am going wrong.  


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lesley,

Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing what you are experiencing.

I created a sample course and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud and I'm not seeing the same behavior.

I wasn't sure where you added your resource link, so I tested in both the resources section of the player and a button on slide two. In both instances, the browser is launching and I can close and get back to my course. You can take a look here and let me know what you're seeing. 

If I've totally missed the mark, please let me know how to recreate it or send me a sample .story file to test.

Lesley Hales

Hi Leslie,

I've raised a support ticket for this, it now seems to be the issue is with the file talking to Google Chrome when trying to switch to another account.  I found a link to an issue that sounds very similar to what we are experiencing https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-presenter/seekbar-stops-progressing-when-i-switch-to-another-tab-in-articulate-360-studio-html5

I've sent over a file so am hoping you guys will be able to work from that and advise.

Many thanks