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John Blum

Hi Dennis,

I'm on the main view screen, where you have the timeline, the layers panel on the left, and the scene panel on the right. When I click on a slide in the scene panel, the tab that has the opened slide changes to the slide I clicked on in the scene panel, instead of opening that slide in a new tab.

Any thoughts on how to fix this. I usually have multiple tabs open to go back and forth between related slides.

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

I'm not sure what happened - but is it only happening on this one file? Can you confirm that you're following along with the guidelines here for working with Storyline:

If it's just this one file, I'd suggest importing it into a new project as described here.

If this issue seems to be occurring on all your Storyline files, please first confirm you're using update 6 released last week and then I'd also suggest conducting the repair detailed here.