Optimal format for elearning courses (slide size) Storyline 3

Apr 29, 2019

I would like to know what is the right slide size for the courses, I use a custom player (I deactivated all the buttons) I would like the course to look as big as possible or somehow I would like to insert a "full screen" I have seen other answers for the "full screen" but I do not know if they are updated ... use storyline 3.

The course should work on all devices (cell phones, macs, pcs, laptops, etc.)


Sorry for the bad english (google translator)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Miguel!

Storyline slides will fill the screen (as much as possible) without stretching or skewing the slide content. If you see extra space on the left and right side of the slides, that means the device screen is wider than the slide itself. 

Instead of stretching the slide (which would skew your slide design), you'd want to use the Resize browser to fill screen and Scale player to fill browser window settings in Player Properties.

And when learners view courses on mobile devices or tablets, they'll see Storyline 3's responsive mobile player.

Mobile devices, tablets, and desktops all have different screen dimensions, so there won't be a "one size fits all" story size. The community may have recommendations for which sizing is best, so I'll leave it in their hands!

Noel Read

Hi Miguel, I build my stories on a story size of width 1600 height 960. The reason for this is so that all the objects I build in the story and any images I use are going to be sized to be full resolution at the size of a 22" wide screen monitor.  I then set my story to 'Scale player to fill browser window' so that it will fit to whatever size screen the user is using.

Storyline will resize and scale to fit any browser window but if you have a small story size to begin with then there is a greater chance of some objects being blurry when viewed on larger screens. 

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