Optimum story size with software simulation

Hello, everybody!

I'm starting to create new story files that include a simulation.  What I see is that I need to set the recording size to 1024 x 768 so I can capture all parts of the screen in the simulation.

What's the best story size so that the slide content nor the simulation will appear blurry? 1024 x 768? The default story size (720 x 540)?


Thanks in advance!

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Preston Ruddell

When it's feasible to do so, I go ahead and set my story size to the size of the recording.  I did a project with many screencasts.  To make it easy, I set my story size to 1440 x 900.  That's the size of my full screen monitor.  All of my screencasts fit perfectly on the slides.

There is a downside to this.  If you plan on using the default storyline markers, you cannot resize them.  The larger your story, the smaller your markers appear.