Option of locking video seekbar- not slide seekbar- Storyline 3

Nov 11, 2020

Hi All,

I have added a video file to my course. I was wondering if there is an option to add the seek bar but not allow learners to fastforward through the video on first watch.

Is there a way to set up the video that once the learner has viewed the video once they can then have the option to skip/fastforward through video content. 

My rationale is that on first take of the course learners cannot skip any content and need to watch all videos to get credit. But then once the course is taken learners can come back to it and click in and out of sections and fastforward videos etc.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rachel,

  • Create a rectangle with a solid fill that is 100% transparent. Or it could be semi-transparent if you want to "dim" the seekbar.
  • Place that rectangle over the video seekbar. That will prevent users from clicking the video seekbar.
  • Add a trigger that hides the rectangle when the video completes. That will make the video seekbar usable again.
Rachel Delaney

Hi Judy,

Thank you so much that worked great! Such a simple trick I never even thought of!

However for example if the learner goes back to the course say 3 months later and wants to just check a 30 second piece of one of the videos in the course they still have to watch the full video again- is there a way of changing this as they have already previously viewed the whole course.

New to Storyline so it's all a learning curve.

Thanks again




Judy Nollet

Hi, Rachel,

If you set the slide to "Resume saved state," the invisible rectangle should remain hidden when the user revisits the slide.

FYI: Here's another easy  (once you know it) way to make any trigger happen only the first time the user visits the slide. 

  • Create a T/F variable with the initial value of False. 
  • Add a condition to the trigger that the designated variable must = False.
    • Since the initial value of the variable is False, the trigger will execute on the first visit to the slide.
  • Add a slide trigger to adjust the variable to True when the timeline ends. (Or you could attach this trigger to a required interaction.)
    • The next time the user visits the slide, the variable will be true. The condition will prevent the trigger from executing.

All that, of course, is dependent on the course being viewed in an LMS. The LMS is what stores the suspend/resume data. If the course is just on the web, then the user will always be starting over.

Rachel Delaney

Hi Judy,

I've created the course and it's getting great feedback. I've two requests from learners but I'm not sure if it's possible.

1. Can the video be rewinded on first watch? Say if they missed a couple of seconds or didn't understand something and wanted to go back? or do they have to wait until the full video completes and the seekbar is useable? 

2. Is there an option to save where you were in the video if you close the course but didn't complete the video- or do you have to watch the video completely through?

Thanks again for your help

Judy Nollet

Hi, Rachel,

  1. The only way I know of to allow rewinding on first watch is to keep the video controls/seekbar unrestricted. Which, of course, also means that the user could immediately drag it to the end so they wouldn't have to watch the video. In other words, if you want to force the video to play, it has to play all the way through before any part can be reviewed. (The pause/play button can still be used.)
  2. If you set the slide to "Resume saved state," when the user returns to the slide, the timeline will resume where the user left off. That means the video should resume where it left off (assuming the project is in an LMS, which is needed to track such things). I've never tested this, so I can't verify it'll work.