Option Selections for Mobile Viewing

I'm working on making Storyline 2 available for mobile users through an LMS. Before I changed anything, I simply tried accessing the modules on a mobile device to see what would happen. The version I tried to access had neither the HTML5 or AMP boxes checked.

It didn't launch (and I didn't really expect it to), and it gave me an error message that said, "This plug-in not supported."

My question is whether it's possible to view content on a mobile device at all without checking the HTML5 or AMP boxes checked.

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Mike B.

Since Flash is the default output type, the mobile device would have to have Flash installed. Flash used to be available on Android, but I believe they stopped development on that. HTML5 should work okay, just check the Storyline 2 system requirements for viewing on mobile: https://en-au.articulate.com/support/storyline-2/system-requirements-for-articulate-storyline-2