Option to practice again an activity

Let´s supose:

  •  My course has a slide with an activity, let´s say sorting mammals and reptiles.
  • The user solved the activity and when revisiting that slide, it shows the final state of the slide (the slide is set "Resume saved state"); that´s fine, as if saying: "This is how you solved the activity". 
  • But I want to add a button that says: "Click here if you want to practice this activity again", and when clicking it, it resets the slide to the initial state. I could add a trigger that jumps from that slide to itself, but if it is set "Resume saved state", it´s impossible to apply the arrangement I want.

Any ideas, preferably not involving variables (which are confusing)?


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Mr C

Hi Daniel

What I have done is  create a duplicate the slide

If a learner wants to practice an activity then direct them to the duplicate slide

This slide does not send information to the results slide but allows a learner to practice as often as they need

Include a button to return to relevant section of the course

Hope this helps

Wendy Farmer

Hi Daniel

yes admittedly variables can be confusing when you first start but they are also incredibly powerful and open up a lot of design opportunities...enough of the rant...

Without seeing how your slide is setup it's hard to give you a solution - why don't you share the slide setup and folks can see if they can work something out for you.