Options for Copy Editing - Providing a Comprehensive Course Review

We rely on Articulate Storyline as our tool of choice to design/develop our course offerings for nurses.  We have an in-house copyediting department that needs to review all content for medical accuracy, grammar, punctuation, corporate style, etc.,  before the course goes live.  Currently, Articulate does NOT provide an adequate tool that will allow this process to happen efficiently for anyone involved in the design/development process. Yes, we have REVIEW, and Yes, we have EXPORT TO MS-WORD FILE, and Yes, we have the TRANSLATION file export.  BUT, none of these (even in combination) provide an efficient and comprehensive option for a proper, efficient copy-edit process as each option is flawed.  

  • A:  Can anyone share their workarounds for this process?
  • B: When will Articulate provide us with a better REVIEW option??
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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Michael and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

I can see that Erin is already popping in to share advice on your Part A request and I look forward to seeing ideas from others in the community.

For the Part B request, you mention using Review 360, but that it's not a complete solution for you. Would you be able to share your idea and suggestions of what this would look like with our team here?

Michael Corrigan

Thanks Erin,

Yes, I am aware of the more traditional Script/Storyboard development to Storyline Development approach. We have found a more rapid protoyping approach in Storyline 360 seems to work more efficiently for us (minus the copy edit process that we are working through).